Pony Tales Refuge & Rehab

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Adoption Policies ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Q:What does "Available for Adoption" mean?

            A:This means that this horse,pony, or donkey has been evaluated for training, evaluated by a vet and is in good health, and also seen by our farrier for a trim and a check up! This rescue is ready to be adopted to their forever home!

Q:What does "Under Evaluation" mean?

        A:  This means that the horse/pony/donkey has arrived recently and needs more time to be evaluated or cared for. Sometimes it is a big adjustment for horses to come to Pony Tales. They may need extra time to settle in before being evaluated. 

Q: I live in another state. Can I adopt a horse from Pony Tales?

          A: Currently Pony Tales only adopts out to homes within 4 hour radius of the rescue. 

Q: How much is an adoption fee?
          A: Adoption fees range depending on the age and size of the horse/pony/donkey.
  •  Riding/workable horses and large ponies are $600
  • Ponies, Young Horses, Donkeys are $300
  • Weanlings are $200
**Sanctuary horses are no cost due to the continuous extensive needs

Q:Why does Pony Tales charge an adoption fee?
         A: Every horse, pony, and donkey that comes to Pony Tales gets evaluated by a veterinarian and is updated on all coggins and vaccinations; along with any health concerns they may have. They are evaluated by a vet and get their feet trimmed every 6-8 weeks, some even require special extra corrective trimming. These things do not include their daily hay, water, and grain. The adoption fee is to help offset some of the costs of caring for these horses so that we can rescue more!

Q: How long does the adoption process take?

         A: First we ask people to fill out an application, this helps us know if you will be a candidate for adoption. Then, we expect people to come meet the rescue. Pony Tales will contact you about your adoption application within 1-2 weeks. 

Q: Does Pony Tales allow adopted horses to be sold?

           A: No, but there are ways to find your adopted horse a new home if your adoption doesn't work out. Every adopter has the option to take their horse back to Pony Tales, any time during the rescue's life. What another option is that another person could adopt that horse from you but would need to go through the same application process and agree to the terms just as the original adopter. 

Q: Can I breed an adopted horse?

           A: No, there are many horses in our area that need homes and are not getting the care they need. We are only a small local rescue and we cant save them all. We do not want to tribute to the overwhelming horse population.