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Volunteer Bryanna Larson nominated for 2017 Trainer of the Year

In October 2017, we were contacted by a representative from Greatmats.com about a nomination they had received nominating our very own Bryanna Larson as Greatmats Trainer of the Year. The representative wrote " I'm contacting you because of an article recently published in the Dunn County News about Bryanna Larson's role in training the four rescued horses from Bruce. A reader of the article was so encouraged by the article that she nominated Bryanna Larson for National Horse Trainer of the Year, an award given out by Greatmats, recognizing trainers who have made a positive impact in their communities." When we told Bryanna about the nomination, she humbly stated "I'm not a trainer of the year...I'm just a girl who wants to help the horses." Voting began on November 16, 2017 and will run until November 30, 2017. Bryanna is currently in 3rd place out of the 13 nominated individuals across the country!! 

Bryanna first came out to Pony Tales in November 2016.  She had read about the 1-Day Open Door Shelter event we had just hosted and she had recently suffered a tragedy at home. Her fiance at the time (now husband) encouraged her to contact us to see if there was anything she could do to help out which would in turn help her get through a rough period of her own. We offered to let her come out and take a tour of the place and as happens all too often, when she left we expected to never see her again. Dependable volunteers are few and far between here. To our surprise though, Bryanna did come back. Then she came back again. And again. And again. She proved her knowledge and experience with horses and quickly moved up the ladder to evaluating, working, and riding the horses. 

Since that time, Bryanna has become as much a part of the Crew as possible without officially being a crew member. She has come with us to pick up abandoned horses. She will take a horse who just needs a refresher or some time under the saddle home and work with them, get them spruced up and ultimately ready for adoption. She helps organize fundraisers and seeks out donations on our behalf. She has fostered, worked with, and helped rehome the orphan foals we take in each spring. A Registered Nurse by day, Bryanna has proven to be dependable, trustworthy, hard-working, focused, driven, and passionate about the horses and what we do here, by night.

Her efforts have helped every horse she has worked with to find their new home: Xena, Rocko, Al, Sandy, Legz, Bullet, Ace, and even little Carlie. The only one who has not found that perfect home yet is Mickey D who is our featured horse right now. Be sure to check him out! There is so much more that the article that got her nominated did not even touch on and so many other reasons In the end, Bryanna ended up in 3rd place. Way to go!!