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Q: What is an Adoption Ambassador?

A: An Adoption Ambassador is a foster home that works with, refreshes, trains, etc. a horse that is ready for adoption and helps to find the horse a home.

Q: Will I need to meet with prospective adopters?

A: Yes. You are an extension of Pony Tales. You will meet with, show the horse, determine matches based on your personal knowledge of the horse.

Q: Will Pony Tales give me the basic requirements and guidelines for adoptions?

A: Yes. We will be with you every step of the way helping you determine the best home for the horse.

Q: Do I have to be a trainer to be an Adoption Ambassador?

A: Yes and No. You need to be able to continue to work with the horse to keep them fresh. If you are an experienced rider/handler, you may qualify to be an Adoption Ambassador as well.

Q: Will I get paid or reimbursed for my time and expenses?

A: No. Unfortunately, our funds are limited and we cannot pay anyone to be an Adoption Ambassador. However, routine care such as coggins, vaccines, dentals, etc. can be reimbursed.

Q: Will I be compensated from the adoption of the horse?

A: No. This is a voluntary program. However, your name and/or business will be listed and advertised on our website which could potentially lead to additional clients for you.

Q: How long do I have to keep the horse?

A: Again, this is a voluntary program. If you can no longer keep the horse or work with it, it can come back to Pony Tales.

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