Adoption Requirements

Are you ready to adopt, but you are not sure you will qualify? Below are the basic requirements of all adopters. If you can meet or exceed these requirements, please do not hesitate to apply. Be sure to check out our Foster to Adopt and First-time Horse-owner Program too!

❏    Fencing.  All fencing must be a minimum of four (4) feet high.  The following types of fencing are acceptable:

    •    Board and post
    •    Electro-braid or poly rope
    •    Corral panels
    •    Split rail
    •    Vinyl or PVC
    •    Coated Wire
    •    Electric tape (at least three rows of at least ½ inch tape)
    •    If T-posts are utilized as fencing, all T-posts must be capped.

    Not acceptable fencing:

    •    Climb or stock wire
    •    Barb wire
    •    Chain link
    •    Plastic construction or snow fence
    •    Step-in posts as primary or perimeter fencing (may be used as temporary fencing or to create rotational grazing within a larger pasture) 

❏    Accommodations.  Adopter shall provide a corral that is a minimum of four hundred square feet (20 feet by 20 feet) and a shelter from the environment with a roof and enclosed on at least three (3) sides must be available at all times.  If the equine is to be kept in a stall, the stall must be 10 feet by 10 feet or larger and a turn-out time of at least 10 hours per day is required (unless in case of extreme weather conditions).  The equine may not be locked or left in a stall for more than two (2) consecutive days unless required for health reasons and documented by a licensed veterinarian.  If stall confinement is required, the stall must be cleaned daily.

❏    Breeding.  Adopter shall not breed the equine in any way, shape or form.  Pony Tales does not adopt out intact males.  If the equine is adopted as a foal, Adopter must provide Pony Tales with verification that the equine has been gelded at a time as recommended by Adopter’s veterinarian.  
❏    Foal Adoption.  The following additional terms are required ONLY if the equine is a foal.

    •    Experience: Previous substantial experience with equines.  If you do not have previous experience, please check out our First-time Horseowner Program here.

    •    Accommodations: The foals must be kept on the property where you reside.  No boarding of foals is permitted.  There must also be an access to a barn on the premises.

    •    Fencing: Either three or four rail wood fencing or similar panels.  The foals that Pony Tales takes in were not allowed time with their mothers to learn what fences are and can easily injure themselves on typical wire or ribbon fencing.

    •    Feeding: Someone must be available to monitor and care for the foals at all times.  They must be fed every 4 to 6 hours for at least the first month unless using a 24 hour milk replacer that allows for free choice feeding.  In that case however, the milk trough must be cleaned at LEAST once per day.  Milk replacer can be quite costly.  Adopter must be aware of and prepared for this expense.


    •    Other Equines: If you do not currently own any equines, Pony Tales requires that you adopt two (2) foals at the same time or another equine as a companion.  An adult equine that may act as a surrogate mother to the foals to teach them as they grow is ideal.

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