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* Are you wanting to adopt a horse, but are not quite sure how it works, if it will work, and/or if the horse will fit in at your home? 

* Have you bought a horse from a private seller in the past only to have it not work out for any number of reasons. Now you find yourself needing to find a new home for the horse, but are worried that it may end up in the wrong hands? 

* Are you new to horses and/or would this be your first horse? 

* Have you tried to adopt in the past, but have been turned down because you do not have enough experience? 

* Have you offered to foster a horse for a rescue, only to be turned down for lack of experience? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Foster to Adopt Program is for you!

The Foster to Adopt Program is geared towards first time horse owners, those who are completely new to horses, and experienced horse owners who are tired of being lied to by unscrupulous private sellers or who simply want to adopt a horse, but have heard so many horror stories about rescue horses and rescue organizations that they are afraid to take that leap.

Here’s how it works:

First time/inexperienced horse owners click here to see how to qualify. 

Experienced horse owners:

You can enroll in the Foster to Adopt Program by simply filling out the Application and Commitment to Adopt form Upon approval of your application, you may then begin a 6-month foster period with a horse of your choosing.  If at the end of 6 months, you do not feel that this is the horse for you, you will have three options: 1) bring the horse back and foster a different one which will start a new 6-month time period; 2) keep the horse and become an Adoption Ambassador; or 3) discontinue the program.

*You will not be required to enroll in the First-time Horseowner Program.

Weekly Updates


**People who are enrolled in the Foster to Adopt program will be required to give weekly updates with photos of their horse. This will ensure that each person enrolled has a fitting and positive outcome with their horse. Our goal is to have every horse find their perfect, forever home. If this is not with you, that's okay! You don't have to keep that horse for 6 months before trying a new one. If it doesn't work out in a few weeks, we have more options!**


Have more questions? Contact us! 

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