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Do you feel that the only way to save a horse from slaughter is by buying one from a killpen?

Do you feel that rescues can no longer help the horses because they are all full and the killpens are the horse’s only chance?

Do you wish that rescues could get to the horses before the killbuyer does?

Do you want to support rescues, but have a hard time not sending money towards the horses in the killpens and then no longer have any funds to send to a rescue?

Do you wish there was a way to do away with the killpens altogether?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Operation Killpen Kutoff program is what you have been looking for!

Here’s how it works:

Pony Tales takes in many young horses, from orphan foals to pregnant mares to feral yearlings.  We raise them, nurture them, teach them.  In the end, they become the best horse and partner a person could ever ask for.

We also, as our name suggests, take in many ponies, as well as miniature horses and donkeys.  

Our adoption fees are in a sense based off of current "job" capability of an equine, such as riding, showing, training level, etc.  The adoption fees for those who have what could be considered as "limited" current job capability are as follows:

Orphans to one year of age/Minis/Donkeys: $200.00.

Yearling to 3 years of age/Ponies: $300.00.

These horses have so much untapped potential and we demonstrate this year after year in our annual Trainer's Challenge.  

At the same time, there are just as many horses with high current "job" capability who find themselves in the auctions, and all too often ultimately the killpen.  In an effort to get all of these young horses with so much potential off to the best start and a wonderful life and get to the other horses in need before the killbuyers, we are attacking these two issues with one potential solution:

For every $1,000 we take in as adoption fees for the young horses, minis, donkeys, and ponies, we will go to an auction and outbid the killbuyers on up to three horses.  If this happens twice a month, we will go to two auctions.  If this happens three times in one month, we will go to three auctions, etc. 

All we ask of you is to encourage your friends and family to adopt before they shop.  There are no questions when you adopt from us.  Especially with the orphans.  We know their history from day one.  Let us go to the auctions and take in the unknown and put the puzzle pieces together for you. 



Q: If I donate funds for you to outbid the killbuyer on a fourth horse, will you do it?

A: If space allows, yes.  However, we would ask that you continue to support our efforts by encouraging people to adopt before they shop and/or become a monthly sponsor to help with the upcoming expenses and care that this fourth horse will need.

Q: $1,000 in adoption fees on these horses means you adopted out 4 to 5 of them, so why will you only take in 3 from the auction?

A: It will cost around $1,000 just to get 3 horses out of the auction.  The after care is not even figured into this amount.  As always, funds are very limited in rescue and we can only work with what we have. 


Q: Why won't you do this with horses who have higher adoption fees?


A: Again, as always, funds are very limited in rescue.  We cannot use all of the income from adoption fees at an auction.  We have numerous, large expenses on a daily basis and bringing home 3 more from an auction will take some of these funds as well.

A: What if I want to adopt a younger horse to help, but I do not have any experience?

Q: If you will be a first-time horseowner or are inexperienced, please see the #Hoofprintstohomes page for your options. 



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