Babies are Here!

                2018 Orphan Foals

All 2018 Nurse Mare Foals have been adopted! 

Interested in Adopting?

Learn more about what it takes to raise an orphan foals

Milk Replacer:

Foals must be fed at least twice daily.  A combination of milk, dried milk pellets, growth feed, and hay. Pony Tales uses Silky Milk by Royal Milc. This can be pricey, please understand before adopting!

Special Care: 

Orphan foals have never been taught "normal" horse things. Foals should be placed with a safe trusted horse to "foster" and teach the foal normal "horsey manners." Such as: pecking order, what to eat vs not, fences, ground manners, etc.


These orphans have sensitive tummies, they are easily dehydrated by scours. Strict de-worming schedule is necessary. Also keeping foal out of danger. Foals, like infants, "sense" with their mouths, eating and biting things that may hurt them. 

Tax ID No: 47-1658095

Location/Mailing  Address

4398 130th Avenue

Colfax, Wisconsin 54730


Ranch: 715-568-4174

Cell: 715-271-7567

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