Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure quality care and treatment of horses through intervention, education, and outreach. Pony Tales Refuge & Rehab, Inc. is dedicated to rescuing equines of all kinds from abuse, neglect, abandonment and slaughter. We provide them with a safe, loving home during recovery and rehabilitation while providing food, shelter, medical care, nurturing and training. Also, a sanctuary, not every horse is adoptable; some are old, ill, or tramatized from their past. Every horse has a forever home at Pony Tales. 


We believe it is the responsibility of every horse owner to breed and geld responsibly. The number of horses in this country going to slaughter and/or living in deplorable conditions is unacceptable. We are committed to informing and educating the community, with an emphasis on the youth, about the problems associated with over-breeding and irresponsible breeding of horses and to teach responsible horse ownership.  We believe that it is imperative that the youth learn about the realities and atrocities that exist in the horse world. It is only through the youth that we have a chance of improving the lives of all equines in the future.

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Tax ID No: 47-1658095

Location/Mailing  Address

4398 130th Avenue

Colfax, Wisconsin 54730


Ranch: 715-568-4174

Cell: 715-271-7567

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