Trainer's Challenge

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The annual Pony Tales Refuge & Rehab, Inc. Trainer's Challenge is an opportunity for trainers of all experience levels to participate in a fun competition for prizes with the ultimate goal of helping our sweet rescues find homes.  We have had trainers as young as 5 years old participate.  The orphan foals and yearlings are always great partners for the youngest of trainers as the horses and the children learn together.  


Q: Do I have to be a professional trainer?

A: No. Trainers of all ages and skill levels are welcome.


Q: Do I get to pick the horse I train?

A: Yes, to an extent.  The Application you submit helps us determine your abilities and match them with a suitable horse.  If the horse you wish to train is a good match, then you will get to train that horse.  If not, we will try to match you with one that will be a good fit.


Q: Does it cost anything to enter?

A: Yes.  There is a non-refundable entry fee of $50.00.  This fee goes towards the final event and the prizes.


Q: If I sign up and need to quit, can I do so?

A: Yes.  If you are no longer able to participate, you are free to withdraw at any time.  However, your entry fee will not be refunded and it will be your responsibility to return the horse to us in a timely manner.


Q: Am I responsible for the day to day expenses of caring for the horse?

A: Yes.  If the horse has special needs however, we will provide the medications, supplements, etc. to continue their care.  


Q: What if the horse gets sick/injured while in my care?

A: We will be responsible for the cost of any care for injuries or illnesses that are of no fault of your own.  For example, the horse gets an Upper Respiratory Infection.  These are common and unpredictable.  Therefore, Pony Tales would cover the cost of medication.  If, however, the horse gets sick/injured due to a defect on your property or due to lack of care on your part, you would be responsible for any expenses incurred.


Q: Can I or someone else adopt the horse prior to the completion of the Challenge?

A: No. As the trainer, you have first right of refusal following the completion to adopt the horse.  By completing the Application, you are pre-approved to do so.  If someone you know is interested in adopting, they are welcome to turn in an Application prior to completion of the Challenge for pre-approval enabling them to take them home that same day.  Each horse entered in the Challenge must attend and complete the final competition prior to any adoption.  


Required Events (in hand or riding):

Trail Obstacle Course

Trailer Loading

Mock Farrier Trim







The trainers will be asked to keep us all updated on their progress by posting on the Event page on Facebook during the monthly Check-ins.


Please invite as many people as you would like to the event page so everyone can see the wonderful work you are doing with these fabulous, one-of-a-kind horses.

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